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Eco friendly Products • Bags • Clothing • Headwear • Souvenirs

You will find eco friendly Products on EVERY listed page

Eco friendly Products

Keep your Carbon Footprints LOW

BUY Made in South AfricaProducts

Eco friendly Bags Gifts Products

Hi.........thank you for popping in!

Think Eco Green matter what you purchase....

consider the environment !Consider the Environment

Eco friendly Natural • Biodegradable • Compostable
• Bags • Clothing • Packaging

We manufacture and sell Products made out of natural,
sustainable, material whenever possible.

Eco-friendly products are Products 
that do not harm the Environment,

 whether in their production, use, or disposal.

In other words, these products help preserve the environment by

significantly reducing the pollution they could produce.


 The term, Eco friendly,  refers not only
to methods and materials used,

it is far more complex.

Environment friendly processes,
or environmental-friendly processes 

(also referred to as eco-friendly
, and green),

are sustainability and marketing terms
referring to goods and services, 

that claim reduced, minimal, or no harm
upon ecosystems or the environment.


Sadly the term " Eco friendly" is often misused,

and often re-inforced with "fake" Ecolabels,

this is termed as"greenwashing".



products must “return to nature”
when left to the elements.


Terms such as - “Earth smart”

”Green” - ”Nature’s friend” 

are Meaningless.


Make sure you get a truly Eco friendly Product

by questioning • Manufacturers • Sellers
• Suppliers • Distributors
who has to be able to give you
A-Z information about a Product.

Certifications often cover certain
aspects of a product only.

Ever wondered how much "nature"
your lifestyle requires?

Click the mouse to find out

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BEFORE you call / send
email enquiry ! Thank you

Most of our featured products are made to clients specifications,
hence the more information you forward, the easier it is for us to forward more information/quotations
for the product you want at a
price suiting your budget!

Please state: style, type, of product you have seen/need info and pricing for,
(right click on a thumbnail of the product, copy and paste it into the email body),
state fabric choice(s), (size(s), required colour(s) colour combinations,
job completion/delivery date, any other non negotiable details,
branding method ( printing, embroidery,

and attach relevant artwork.

If you do not know which fabric / branding method will work,
upon receipt of relevant artwork,
we will be able to tell you
which branding method is best,
for your choosen item.

Budget Price:

Knowing the budget price will enable us to offer you the product you want at a
price suiting your budget

We are only able to give you delivery cost once we know what your
final order is and what the
delivery address is! 

If you do not have a Landline,
please state where
(Province, Town with Postal Code)
you are located, or where you need orders to be delivered to.

We - DO NOT - use - ANY
of your submitted details for Marketing purposes
(email campaigns, sms's,
what's app, facebook........)

We are looking forward to
welcoming you as a client !

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