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Face Masks - Facemasks

Eco Face Masks Scarf Face Masks

Cotton Face Masks 100% Biodegradable Compostable Eco friendly hot wash no sweat anti fog for eye glass spectacle wearers hypoallergenic Adult and Children's Kids double layer 2 ply with filter pocket 3 ply face masks.

Scarf Face Masks xS to xL Children's Ladies Gents Mens Natural Eco Cotton Viscose Scarf Face Masks New Unique Design

Fabric Face Masks Reusable Washable Durable |

Child, Children, Children's Face Masks. |

Baby Baby's Babies Infants Infant's Face Masks.

100% Cotton Face Masks | Double Layer Face Masks |

Double Layer 2 ply 3 ply filter 100% Cotton Face Masks |

Hypoallergenic Face Masks | Reusable washable Face Masks |

How to use your face masks.

Cotton Masks with Filter pocket | Washable Face masks |

One size fits all adjustable Cotton Face Masks |

Dust Germ Virus Filter Face Masks |

Covid 19 Face Masks | Corona Face Masks |

BUFF-olo, 100% Cotton Hypoallergenic Eco-friendly Tubular Face Masks |

BUFF_olo Microfiber Tubular custom printed.

BUFF_olo Cotton Tubular Face Masks



COVID Covid 19 South AfricaCovid South Africa....there is a Face-Mask for everyone Face Masks for everyone

Guidelines - DTI - RSA Recommended Fabric Face Masks

Beware of where you buy your face masks: they may be tainted with modern day slavery.....fake.....
fake Designer Masks....worthless on every level......
unauthorized replicas of genuiane Certified products!

FACEMASKS - FACE MASKS - SCARF FACE MASKS - 100% COTTON CLOTH 2 Ply & 3 Ply with Filter Pocket

3 Ply Non-Woven Single use Disposable FDA Approved Certified Face Masks

Best ADULT and CHILDREN'S Face Masks
Hypoallergenic 100% preshrunk natural Cotton Face Masks
Reusable washable eco–friendly Biodegradable Compostable Face Masks.

Natural Hypoallergenic Cotton Face Masks have two major advantages over Synthetic & Non-Woven Face Masks.

1) They can be hot washed.

2) They are comfortable, no sweat, hence, suitable for all skin types.

You will find eco friendly Products on EVERY listed page:Cotton Fabric Face Masks

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Bemoci's Eco Cotton Face MasksCotton, Face Masks

Cotton Face Masks - Suitable for Printing & Embroidery

Eco friendly Face Masks

......purchase reusable Eco, Fabric, Face Masks !

Face Masks, Printed, Embroidered, double, Layer, washable, reusable

While restricitons and regulations have changed and are changing daily, the 's original recommendations have not:
Reusable hygienic fabric facemasks are the type that the WHO and Governments Worldwide still recommend for EVERYONE (including Children) without symptoms.

DTIC, Face Masks, Recommended, Guidelines

Which Covid Virus protection FACE MASK if for you?

Test your Mask / Shield
Try blowing out a candle while wearing the Mask, Shield or Visor.
If you cannot blow it out, it's a good Mask or Shield.
All offered FaceMasks, Scarf Masks, Shields & Visors are
"good" !

New Design Face Masks
Scarf Face Masks
100% Cotton and Viscose Scarf Face Masks
Sizes: xs - xL

New Unique Design - More info

Scarf Face Masks Reusable Washable 3 ply with Filter

Scarf Face Masks New Unique Design

Original Bemoci, 100% Cotton Face Masks Eco friendly cloth Cloth 2 + 3, Ply Face Masks with eco hot washable cotton strings (elastics deteriorate after a few washes) , have no pleats, but can be gathered on the sides, allowing you to gather as much or as little as you need to, to secure the mask as you prefer, looped behind the ears, or tied at the back of your head, to ensure an – IMPORTANT – snug, fit, no matter what size your face is.
Although the Cotton Face Masks fit most snug, they are available with an anti no fog nose panel
for eye glass spectacle wearers.

Suitable for Printing and/or Embroidery

Face Masks, Cotton, Double, Layer, Cloth, Filter, Pocket

Anti No Fog Face Masks Cotton

Double Layer, 2, Ply, 3, Ply, Fabric, 100%, Eco Cotton Cloth Face Masks - Fitted,
with, Elasticated Ear Loops
or ECO HOT WASHABLE cotton strings to enable the wearer to make - custom sized ear loops
or - tie at the back of the head.

Suitable for Printing and/or Embroidery

Face Masks, Cotton, Double, Layer, Cloth

Custom Printed Cloth Fabric Face Masks.

Printed Reusable Hot Washable 3 Ply PolyCotton Face Masks lined with Comfortable 100% hypoallergenic Cotton and stitched in washable 40gsm spunbond filter.

MOQ - 50

Face Masks BUFF-olo 100% Hypoallergenic Eco friendly Tubular Face Masks.
Suitable for Screenprinting
Face, Masks, 100%, Cotton, BUFF-olo, Tubular, Face, Masks
Face Masks BUFF-olo, Microfiber Tubular Face Masks.
Custom coloured &
Custom printed - MOQ 50
Face, Masks, BUFFolo, Tubular, Face, Masks, Printed

Face Masks 3 ply Non-Woven
FDA Approved 3 Ply Face Masks

Face Masks 3 Ply Non-Woven Certified Single use Disposable Face Masks

Face Masks 3 Ply Non-Woven


Face, Masks, 3, Ply, Non-Woven, Certified, Certification

Full, Face Protective Shields Visors.
Adults & Children’s
Elasticated, headband.
Reusable, Durable, Light weight, comfortable, Easy to clean and disinfect.
Suitable for spectacle, and PPE, (Personal, Protective, Equipment) wearers.
Does not restrict facial and verbal communication.

Face, Shields, Visors, Adults, Children's

Hygiene Guidlines

Firstly, a Face Mask, Shield, Visor, is not a solve-all solution in the fight of

Covid-19, Corona, SARS, EBOLA, Influenza, Viruses, and Germs.

The Mask, Shield, Visor, is additional protection to good hygience practice.


RedBullettouch your face with unwashed hands (wear gloves)RedBullet

RedBullettouch items in Supermarkets with your bare hands (wear gloves or use a sanitized wipe)RedBullet

RedBulletre-use Gloves no matter what you used them forRedBullet


RedBulletdispose of Gloves after every useRedBullet

RedBulletcough or sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your arm.RedBullet

(dispose of the Tissue immediately)

RedBulletkeep a distance of 1,5m from othersRedBullet

RedBulletwash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water RedBullet

RedBulletIf you are ill, stay at home, or arrange for clinical assessment RedBullet

This should be adhered to at all times, regardless of whether you have a mask or not.
Wearing  a mask does not make you invulnerable and should never be a reason

not to follow these basic golden rules.

How to use your Cotton Face Mask with Filter Pocket:

RedBulletOnly use a mask that has been washed/sanitizedRedBullet

HOT wash at minimum 60 up to 95 degrees celsius

(pour kettle or pot boiled water over the mask and let it soak for a minute or two)

RedBulletMake sure the Mask fits snug. DO NOT touch the cloth part.RedBullet

RedBulletOnce you have put on the mask, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE again until you take it offRedBullet

RedBulletWash hands thoroughly and dry before touching anything elseRedBullet

Do watch the short Video illustrating how to use your Face Mask


Face Masks Washable Eco friendly Double Layered Cotton + Filter Pocket

Maintaining the mask:

Two cloth masks per person is recommended. Wash/sanitize one and have a clean one ready for use.

If you do not have 70% Alcohol Sanitizer,

HOT Ironing the Mask is the best means of disinfection/sanitation!

The heat from the Iron destroys Bacteria, Germs and Viruses.

You may use the Masks as Dust Masks - In and Outdoor Dust is invariably accompanied by

Bacteria and Germs

and during Flu Season with Viruses..

Why we do NOT make Baby - Young Infant - Face Masks

Baby’s airways are smaller, so breathing through a mask is even harder on them.


Using a mask on an infant may increase the risk of suffocation.

A snug fit will give them less access to air, and a loose fit will not provide much protection.

If they are having are hard time breathing,

infants are unable to take the mask off themselves and could suffocate.

Older infants or young toddlers are not likely to keep the mask on

and will likely try to remove it, as well as touch their face more.


There are no masks approved for young infants.



General EXTREME hygiene practice (including sanitization) is the

No1 recommended protection.

Make sure you wash your hands before touching your baby.

Wear a mask when holding and/or breastfeeding your baby.

Why wearing a Cotton, Face, Mask, with Filter, Protective, Shield, Visor, makes sense:

When you SNEEZE, you're able to spray as much as a water bottle's worth of mucus into the air around you.

It shoots out of your mouth, at a speed of 150 KILOMETERS PER HOUR per hour or more,

in the form of moist, germ-infested sheets, traveling at up to to 35 METERS PER SECOND.


COUGHING spreads droplets and the germy particles can stay suspended in the air for up to 10 minutes.

About 3,000 droplets are expelled in a single cough and these have the ability to fly through the air

at speeds of up to 80 KILOMETERS PER HOUR, or 6 METERS PER SECOND


While, Protective, Face, Shields and Visors, protect you as good as a Cotton, Cloth, Fabric, Mask, or, BUFF-olo, Shields, and Visors, are at best recyclable but cannot be classified, Eco friendly!

A properly prepared , (Hot washed, sanitized - filter inserted) and secured Cotton, Cloth, Fabric,
Face Mask......or, properly prepared, cleaned and sanitized Shield, Visor..............
  • PREVENTS you from spreading or inhaling germs and viruses.
  • PREVENTS you from touching your eyes, nose and mouth transferring germs and viruses, you may have on your hands from touching germ and virus infected items, groceries, door handles, keypads, etc……

Wearing a
double layer, washable, fabric, Cotton, Cloth, Face Mask, with Filter,
Protective, full face, Shield, or, Visor,
makes sense on EVERY Level !

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