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Bags - Bead Art - Clothing - Wire Art - Gifts - Favours - Headwear.........

All items are designed according to clients specifications and are manufactured
by the local Community under the Supervision of Margeret, Oliver or Wilson.
The manufacturing process of Bags and Garments requires skills levels from none to high,
hence we are able to provide an income for skilled and unskilled people.
Oliver an experienced and highly skilled Taylor trains and supervises people
at our workshop in Cosmo City.
Margeret the Bead Lady trains and supervises whoever is able and willing to
help when she has orders she cannot manage to deliver on time on her own at Home in Diepsloot.
Wilson the Wire Man gets great joy out of teaching and helping others to
sustain themselves and help him with orders he cannot deliver on time on his own.
Ally the Painter is one of the many talented people who are grateful for
the opportunity to paint our bags!
We provide space, machines, materials and training for currently unemployed
men and women and those who already generate
an income for themselves but are looking for work!

Our Vision is and goals are:
To create and sustain an income for as many currently unemployed South Africans as possible!
Giving South Africans an opportunity to work for themselves!
Manufacture eco friendly, biodegradable products!

While cheap imports may look attractive and have an attractive price tag,

ultimately they arrive at your doorstep at the expense of all South Africans.

Sadly offshore based Headoffices and the government gain too much
from imports to utilize local recourses

and be concerned about the carbon footprints imported products create!

South Africans (not the offshore suppliers) foot the bill

for measures which have to be implemented to control/repair environmental damages.

South Africans (not the offshore suppliers) have to create Jobs,
uplift and support the unemployed.

A few Rands saved today by buying imported products may cost you
a few thousand Rands in the not too distant future!

As urged by the Government, be part of the poverty aleviation solution!

Buy products made in South Africa !

Give skilled and unskilled South Africans a fair chance to sustain
themselves and halt the suffocation of Mother Earth!

Together we can create a better life for many!

Reduce the carbon footprints imprinted on Mother Earth!

The Earth Angel cannot do it alone!

Earth Angel

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You're about to find out at

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