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Colour Coloured - Hessian - Jute Burlap

Burlap, Hessian, Jute, Display, Gift, Packaging,
Storage, Toy, Bags, Sacks.

Eco, Eco- friendly

Sustainable Renewable Biodegradable Compostable
Bags and Sacks

Hessian Bag - Hessian Bags
Hessian Sack - Hessian Sacks
Burlap Bag - Burlap Bags
Burlap Sack - Burlap Sacks
Jute Bag - Jute Bags
Jute Sack - Jute Sacks

Grain Bags - Grain Sacks
Hessian Grain Bag - Hessian Grain Bags
Hessian Grain Sack- Hessian Grain Sacks
Burlap Grain Bag - Burlap Grain Bags
Burlap Grain Sack - Burlap Grain Sacks
Jute Grain Bag - Jute Grain Bags
Jute Grain Sack - Jute Grain Sacks

Coffee Bags - Coffee Sacks
Hessian Coffee Bag - Hessian Coffee Bags
Hessian Coffee Sack - Hessian Coffee Sacks
Burlap Coffee Bag - Burlap Coffee Bags
Burlap Coffee Sack - Burlap Coffee Sacks
Jute Coffee Bag - Jute Coffee Bags
Jute Coffee Sack - Jute Coffee Sacks

Feed Bags - Feed Sacks
Hessian Feed Bag - Hessian Feed Bags
Hessian Feed Sack Hessian Feed Sacks
Burlap Feed Bag - Burlap Feed Bags
Burlap Feed Sack - Burlap Feed Sacks
Jute Feed Bag - Jute Feed Bags
Jute Feed Sacks - Jute Feed Sacks

Potato Bags - Potato Sacks
Hessian Potato Bag - Hessian Potato Bags
Hessian Potato Sack - Hessian Potato Sacks
Burlap Potato Bag - Burlap Potato Bags
Burlap Potato Sack - Burlap Potato Sacks
Jute Potato Bag - Jute Potato Bags
Jute Potato Sack - Jute Potato Sacks

50kg Bags - 50kg Sacks
Hessian Bag 50kg - Hessian Bags 50kg
Hessian Sack 50kg - Hessian Sacks 50kg
Burlap Bag 50kg - Burlap Bags 50kg
Burlap Sack 50kg - Burlap Sacks 50kg
Jute Bag 50kg - Jute Bags 50kg
Jute Sack 50kg - Jute Sacks 50kg

80kg Bags - 80kg Sacks
Hessian Bag 80kg - Hessian Bags 80kg
Hessian Sack 80kg - Hessian Sacks 80kg
Burlap Bag 80kg - Burlap Bags 80kg
Burlap Sack 80kg - Burlap Sacks 80kg
Jute Bag 80kg - Jute Bags 80kg
Jute Sack 80kg - Jute Sacks 80kg

Sand Bags - Sand Sacks
Hessian Sand Bag - Hessian Sand Bags
Hessian Sand Sack - Hessian Sand Sacks
Burlap Sand Bag - Burlap Sand Bags
Burlap Sand Sack - Burlap Sand Sacks
Jute Sand Bag - Jute Sand Bags
Jute Sand Sack - Jute Sand Sacks

Sack Racing Bags - Sack Racing Sacks
Jump Bags - Jump Sacks
Sack Race Bags - Sack Race Sacks
Hessian Sack Racing Bag - Hessian Sack Racing Bags
Hessian Sack Racing Sack - Hessian Sack Racing Sacks
Burlap Sack Racing Bag - Burlap Sack Racing Bags
Burlap Sack Racing Sack - Burlap Sack Racing Sacks
Jute Sack Racing Bag - Jute Sack Racing Bags
Jute Sack Racing Sack - Jute Sack Racing Sacks

New Hessian Bag - New Hessian Bags
New Hessian Sack - New Hessian Sacks
New Burlap Bag - New Burlap Bags
New Burlap Sack - New Burlap Sacks
New Jute Bag - New Jute Bags
New Jute Sack - New Jute Sacks

Santa Sacks

Hessian Jute Burlap Soil Plant Potato Grow Growing Sacks

Biodegradable Compostable Hessian Jute Burlap
Flower Herb Vegetable Seedling Grow Sacks

Burlap Sacks - Hessian Sacks - Jute Sacks -
Sack Racing Sacks - Natural and Coloured Fabric

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When it comes to packaging and storage, there's one hero that stands out from the rest -
the Burlap, Hessian, Jute Bag Sack.

Burlap, Hessian, Jute are versatile sacks and the perfect solution for packaging grain,
dry goods, and fertilizer.

Not only are they practical, but they also add a touch of rustic charm to any space.

Looking for a decorative storage solution? Look no further! Burlap Hessian Jute Bags Sacks are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They can be used to store and organize various items, making your space tidy and stylish.

But that's not all! These sacks are also great for sack racing, a fun activity loved by both kids and adults. They provide a sturdy and durable base for some friendly competition.

Let a sack race team customize and personalize their bag(s) by painting, gluing and or stitch
whatever they want onto their sack racing team bag / sack.

You may want to offer a prize not only for the best racing team
but one for the most original bag / sack as well.

If you are into plant growing and germination, Burlap Hessian Jute Bags Sacks are a must-have. They provide excellent breathability and drainage, creating the perfect environment for your plants to thrive.

The best part? These bags can be customized and personalized to suit your needs.
Whether you want your logo printed on them or a specific size, the possibilities are endless.
Add a printed or embroidered cotton patch or patches, a pocket or pockets.

And let us not forget about the environment! Burlap Hessian Jute Bags Sacks are biodegradable and compostable, making them the number one eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable choice.

So, if you are in need of packaging, storage, decorative, grow, multipurpose of sack racing sacks
look no further, you have come to the right place,
we make and stock Burlap, Hessian, Jute, Bags, Sacks.

Our website has all relevant information to learn more
and get your hands on these versatile and eco-friendly bags.

Bemoci, makes Natural and colour Hessian, Burlap, Jute Sacks.
Available Standard sized (Natural only) and sized and customized to your specifications.

You do not have to worry whether it is a Hessian, Burlap or Jute, Bag or Sack you need.
We know which one to use for which bag or Sack.

And if you scroll through down, you'll find all relevant information.

Make use of the selection bars to get to the info you want.

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Eco friendly Hessian Jute Burlap Sacks Bags

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Hessian Sacks

Hessian Jute Burlap Sacks

Hessian Jute Burlap Sacks Herb Flower Plant Potato Vegetable Grow Bags Sacks

Hessian Jute Burlap Bags Sacks
Hi.........thank you for popping in!

All Hessian, Burlap and Jute Bags and Sacks are:
biodegradable100% Biodegradable & Compostable

Eco friendly Hessian Jute BurlapEco Sacks

BURLAP is an ancient
Name/Description for Hessian


JUTE is another Name commonly (wrongly) used for

Hessian or Burlap,

but is in fact a lot heavier/thicker (12-13oz) than Hessian/Burlap.

Made from the same plant and processed the same way as Hessian/Burlap - which comes in three grades.

Jute is predominately used for making Sacks for Coffee, Rice, Animal Feed, Spices and other dry products.


7oz Hessian/Burlap is a loose weave fabric and mostly used for packaging / storing coal, ore, potatoes and other similarly sized products.


10oz Industrial Hessian/Burlap - is a tight weave fabric and comes in two grades - rough - and refined. The rough fabric is used for sacking, harvesting bales and other applications were appearance is not of importance but a certain density and strength is required.


10oz Refined Hessian/Jute - fabric is used for Shopping, Drawstring, Tote, Gift, Goodie bags, decor, shoes, hats.....basically wherever appearance matters. Refined Hessian/Burlap is the least dusty of the three grades. The thread used for weaving this fabric is fine and gives the fabric it's neat appearance. It is also used for lamination giving the fabric stability and making it waterproof.


Burlap - Jute and Hessian, are natural - eco friendly - renewable - plant derived - biodegradable - sustainable - fabrics!

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Hessian Burlap Jute Potato Bags SacksHand Pointer Down

7oz Hessian - Burlap
- Jute Sacks

Potato - Coal - Ore - Sacks


Hessian Jute Burlap Sand Bags 25kg + 50kg Sacks.Hand Pointer Down

10oz Hessian Burlap Jute

•Sand Bags Sacks
•Multipurpose Utility Bags Sacks

25kg - 48x78cm

50kg - 60x90cm

Hessian, Jute, Burlap, 12.5kg, 25kg, 50kg, 80kg, Potato, Grain, Feed, Sand, Grain, Seed, Coffee, Potato, Multipurpose, Rice, Sacks, Bags.Hand Pointer Down

10oz Industrial Hessian Burlap Jute Sacks

•Grain •Seed •Feed •Sacks

Burlap, Hessian, Jute, 50kg, Drawstring, Bags, Sacks Hand Pointer Down

10oz Industrial Hessian Burlap 50kg
Hessian Burlap Jute
Drawstring Bags Sacks

50kg, Burlap, Hessian, Jute, Side, Drawstring, Bags, SacksHand Pointer Down

10oz Industrial Hessian Burlap Jute

50kg Hessian Burlap Jute
Side Drawstring Bags Sacks

Hessian Burlap Jute Coffee Bags SacksHand Pointer Down

10oz Industrial Hessian / 13oz Jute
Coffee Bags Sacks
Hessian Burlap Jute Coffee Bags Sacks.

Bags Sacks

Sack Racing Sacks - Hessian Jute Burlap.Hand Pointer Down

10oz Industrial Hessian - Jute, Burlap
Sack-Racing Bags Sacks

Useful information

Sack racing sacks, Sack Race Sacks, also sometimes called potato sacks or Jump sacks, are bags made from durable materials like Hessian, Burlap, or Jute that are used for the classic game of sack racing.

Since Children as young a 2years old enjoy sack racing, a smaller sack is recommended to avoid the children getting tangled up in the larger, suitable for older children and Adults, Sack Racing Sack. We recommend a Sack 47x70cm for smaller, and 60x90cm for older Children, and 67x112cm for Adults. The Childrens Sacks are classified 10oz Hessian Sacks, the 67x112cm are 13oz Jute Sacks, meaning they are very strong and will not rip. Sack Racing Sacks, Jump Sacks, do not have to reach beyond waist height and can be rolled up or folded over to fit. Make sure the rolled up Sack Racing Sack part is not too bulky to prevent children from holding the Sack up while Racing.

Issue Sack Racing Sacks ahead of Race Day to give everyone a chance to personalize their Sacks by painting them and or add embellishments. Apart from declaring a Sack Race Winner, you could add a second prize for the best looking Sack Racing Sack.

Coloured Hessian Jute
Burlap Bags Sacks

Hessian Jute Burlap Bags & Sacks Display Gift Storage Toy Sack Racing Bags Sacks - Colour.Hand Pointer Down
Coloured - Hessian - Jute Burlap
Display - Gift - Storage - Toy - Sacks

50x80cm & 59x90cm + any size you may need

Potato Vegetable GROW Bags

Hessian Jute Burlap Sacks, Soil Plant Potato Grow Bags.Hand Pointer Down

10oz Industrial Hessian
Jute - Burlap

Soil - Plant - Potato -
Grow - Sacks

Hessian Jute Burlap Grow Bags Sacks, Flower Herb Vegetable Seedling Grow Sacks Biodegradable Compostable.Hand Pointer Down
Biodegradable Compostable
Hessian Jute Burlap Flower Herb Vegetable Seedling Grow Soil Bags Sacks

Plant the Sacks as is into a large Pot or directly into the ground

JUTE Packaging Shipping Bags

Jute| 13oz| 50kg| 80kg| Sack| Sacks| Bag| BagsHand Pointer Down

13 oz Jute Burlap
Hessian Sacks

Burlap - Hessian - Sacks 50kg Sack 60x90cms
80kg Sack 67x112cm

Hessian| Burlap| Jute| Sack| Sacks| Bag| Bags| Multipurpose| Eco| Eco-friendly| BiodegradableHand Pointer Down

12-13 oz Hessian Burlap Jute Bags Sacks

Grain - Feed - Shipping - Multi purpose Sacks

Hessian|Jute|Burlap|Sacks|Printed|UsedHand Pointer Down

12-13oz Jute Sacks

NEW & used Sacks - Used printed bags are occasionally available

10oz Hessian Burlap Jute Gift Bags

Hessian| Burlap| Jute| Drawstring| Seed| Gift| Goodie| Seed| Bags| Bag| Eco| Biodegradable| Eco-friendly

Hand Pointer Down

10oz Natural Refined Hessian Burlap- Jute - Drawstring Gift
- Goodie - Seed Bags

More Gift Goodie Favour Bags


Santa Sacks Hessian Jute Burlap Christmas Gift BagsHand Pointer Down

10oz Natural RefinedHessian

Burlap- Jute - Santa Sacks

More Santa Bags & Sacks


Hessian| Burlap| Jute| Laminated| Shopping| Tote| Conference| Bags| Bag| Eco| Eco-friendlyHand Pointer Down

10oz Natural Refined Laminated Hessian

Burlap- Jute - Shopping - Tote - Bags

More Hessian Bags


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