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We stock a huge variety styles, colour and colour combinations.

Classic, funky, lumo, camo, cotton, microfiber, microfibre, caps, hats, sunvisors, BUFFolos, multifunctional, adults and children's headwear.

Sports caps, Cuban hats, Fedora's, Fidel (castro) hats, Gatsby, Poor Boy caps, Panama, Straws, Cowboy, Fisherman, Fisherman's,

Caps Hats Beanies Bandanas BUFF.olos Gloves Scarves Pashminas

Polar Fleece Beanies

Polar Fleece Gloves

Polar Fleece Scarves

Polar Fleece printed Scarves - Polar Fleece printed Scarf

Printed Scarf - Printed Scarves

Kids, Children's, Childrens, Knitted, Beanies, Gloves.

Knitted Beanies. Knitted Gloves. Knitted Scarves

Caps, Baseball Caps, Hats, Peaks, Sunvisors, Sports Caps.

Club, Scarves, - Club, Scarf,

Supporter, Scarves - Supporter, Scarf

School Scarves - School Scarf

Team Scarves - Team Scarf


Bandanas - Bandana - Buff, Buffs.

Cotton, versus, Microfiber.

What is, Microfiber?

Bush Buff, Bush Buff's, Safari Buff, Safari Buffs

BUFFolo - BUFFolos

Multifunctional, Headwear

Pashmina, Pashminas.

Printed, Pashminas. Customized, Personalized, Pashminas. Plain colour Pashminas. Custom coloured Pashminas.

Tie Back Bandana - Tie Back Bandanas

Panelled Bandana - Panelled Bandanas

Helmet Bandana - Helmet Bandanas

Skull Bandana - Skull Bandanas - Skull Caps - Skull Cap


Bandanas, Beanies, Caps, Hats, ScarvesHello and welcome dd

you have arrived at

caps, hats, beanies, bandanas, buff.olo, pashminas, aprons, bush, safari, headwear Glove,, Headwear, and Scarf ,PARADISE.......... Bandanas, BUFF.olos, Caps, Gloves, Beanies, Hats, Scarves


Keep South Africa Beautiful - Buy - Eco Friendly - South African - Products Aprons, Bandanas, Beanies, Caps, Gloves, Hats, Scarves, Sunvisors

See wat's in HEADWEAR, and SCARF PARADISE.......



99.9% out of a 100% we are able to give clients what they are looking for. We stock a huge variety styles, colour and colour combinations.

Classic, funky, lumo, camo, cotton, microfiber, microfibre, caps, hats, sunvisors, BUFFolos, multifunctional, adults and children's headwear.

Sports caps, Bucket, van der Merwe, Cuban hats, Fedora's, Fidel (castro) hats, Gatsby, Poor Boy caps, Panama, Straws, Cowboy, Fisherman, hats and hat bands, The Ranger's, Worksman's Hats, have a band, fashioned to hold a lot of tools and paraphanelia you may need or want to have with you but find yourself without the necessary additional pair of hands to do so.
Hats - Bush Hats - Safari Hats - Sports Hats - Sun Hats


Caps - Embroidered - SA Souvenir Caps - Baseball Caps - Sports Caps

caps, hats, sun visor, visors, sunvisor, sunvisors, peak, peaks, embroidered, sa, south, african, collection


Caps - Baseball Caps - Sports Caps - Designs and colour combinations may vary
Suitable for:
MiniBullet MiniBullet MiniBullet
Classic, 6panel, heavy, brushed, cotton, Caps. Caps-Classic-6-Panel-Cotton-Caps

6 panel, heavy brushed, cotton, Caps. Caps-6-Panel-Brushed-Cotton-Caps
SANDWICH, 6 panel,
heavy, brushed, cotton.
Caps-6-Panel-Brushed-Cotton-Caps VSLIT,
6 panel, heavy, brushed, cotton, Caps.
6 panel, heavy, brushed, cotton, Caps.
Caps-6-Panel-Brushed-Cotton-Caps 6 panel, heavy, brushed, cotton, Caps.
Wave Coll

Beanies & Scarves-Club Scarves-Sports Scarves-School Scarves-Team Scarves - Knitted
Suitable for: and
Custom, Knitted, Beanies, Gloves, Scarves, Beanies-Scarves-Custom-Knitted

Kids, Children's, Knitte, Beanies, Gloves,
Black, Navy.

Beanies:Burgundy, Bottle Green, Royal Blue, Pink, Red

Childrens, Kids, Beanies, Gloves, Knitted

Standard fine, Acryclic knit,
Knitted, Beanies,
Knitted, Gloves,
Knitted, Scarves,
Black, Royal Blue, Bottle Green, Stone, Navy, Red, Burgundy,

Beanies: Orange, Neon Yellow, Purple, Lime, Neon Orange, Orange, Pink, Sky Blue, Grey, Turquoise, White, Yellow, Emerald,

Due to the fine (not ribbed) knit,
the Beanies, Scarves, and, Gloves,
are suitable for embroidery.

Alternative Branding:
Custom Labelling

Beanies, Gloves, Scarves, Knitted

Knitted, Beanies, Gloves, Scarves

Beanies, Knitted, Beanies

Knitted, Beanies, PomPom.
Stone, Black, Navy, Red, Yellow, Royal Blue.

Due to the fine (not ribbed) knit,
the Beanies, are suitable for embroidery.

Alternative Branding: Custom Labelling

Beanies, Knitted, PomPom, Beanies
Fan, Club, Team, Supporter, School, Scarf, Scarves.
Jaquard, Knit, Custom, knitted, Scarves,
BEANIES, Knitted ,Beanies.
Skull, Caps.

BEANIES - SKULL CAPS - COTTON, Knit- Beanies,-Eco, and Skin friendly natural moisture management -Cotton.



SA, South Africa, Flag, Stripe, Beanies, Scarves.
Zuma, Scarves.
Soccer, World, Cup, 2010, Scarves

Original, (WC 2010), Knitted, SA, South Africa, Flag, Scarves. SA South Africa Flag Scarves Knitted
More SA Flag Clothing Gifts Supporter Club Team Wear


Beanies-Gloves-Scarves - POLAR FLEECE - Beanies-Gloves-Scarves
Polar Fleece is suitable for: MiniBullet MiniBullet

POLAR FLEECE - Beanies-Scarves- Gloves.

Charcoal, Yellow, Royal Blue, Navy, Orange, Stone, Black, Olive, Red, Navy, Bottle Green,

Suitable for: Embroidery and/or Labelling


Beanies, Gloves, Scarves, Polar, Fleece, Charcoal, Yellow

Polar, Fleece, Beanies, Gloves, Scarves,Black, Orange, Stone, Royal

Beanies, Gloves, Scarves, Polar, Fleece, Olive, Red, Navy, Bottle

CUSTOM, PRINTED, Scarves, POLAR FLEECE, Club, Team, Supporter, School, Scarves.

Single and double volume.



Aprons - Bandanas - BUFFolos - Multifunctional Headwear

BANDANAS, plain colours.
Suitable for:
MiniBullet MiniBullet


BANDANAS, Fitted, Tie back, Bandanas, Skull, Caps.
Suitable for:

MiniBullet MiniBullet
APRONS, Waiters. Suitable for:
MiniBullet MiniBullet
BUFF-olos, Tubular, Cotton, Microfiber, Multifunctional,

Custom, Printed, Square, BANDANAS. Suitable for:


BUFF-olos, Multifunctional, Headwear, wearing options.


What is Microfiber?.......Care.....Microfiber vs Cotton

BUFF-olo, Bandanas, Tubular, Cotton, Microfiber, Multifunctional, Headwear, Scarf, Scarves.

Buff_olo - Bandana - Multifunctional Headwear

BUFF-olos - Poly, Microfiber, Custom, Coloured, and custom, Printed,
Wrap around, Step and Repeat, Print.

BUFF-olos, Microfiber, Custom, Coloured, Custom, Printed, Wrap around, Step and Repeat, Print

BUFF-olos - 100%, Cotton, 4, Standard, Colours.
Suitable for of a small Logo or Slogan.
NOT suitable for

BUFF-olos, 100%, Cotton, Screen, Printing

What is Microfiber ? - Cotton versus Microfiber... ......Cotton is more breathable than Microfiber and won't trap heat and moisture as easily.............. Microfiber Advantages: Non-abrasive, Hygienic, Durable, Soft to the touch, Can be treated with anti-bacterial chemicals, Lightweight, Water-absorbing, Long lasting if cared for properly................ Microfiber Disadvantages: Requires special laundering, Higher upfront cost.............. What is microfibre made from? The most common type of synthetic material that microfibre is made from is polyester, but nylon and other types of polyamides can also be used depending on what the fabrics use will be. Our BUFFolos, are 95% Polyester + 5% Spandex for additional elasticity and comfort. On face value, this may not seem as eco-friendly as natural fabrics but it’s worth noting that during the production process of polyester microfibres, absolutely no pesticides are used and the dyeing methods don’t require any water which results in less wastage. Comparatively, a huge amount of water is needed in the dyeing process of cotton. Manufacturers alter and combine various types, sizes, lengths and shapes of fibres to utilise specific characteristics of microfibre, depending on what they’re producing. For example, by using specific types of fibres they can make the fabric water absorbent or extra soft............. Microfibre origins: Although microfibre is used every day, no one is 100% sure where it was first developed. One of the most interesting origin stories is that it was invented by the Japanese to create lightweight and flattering swimwear for women in the 1970’s. Although this was a spectacular fail as the swimsuits absorbed the water and became very heavy, Europeans re-developed microfibre 10 years later and marketed it as an extremely absorbent fabric. What is the best way to wash Microfiber fabric? As stated, Microfiber fabrics demonstrate unique absorption qualities, and is extremely durable if cared for properly. Microfiber can be washed up to 1,000 times with little loss of efficiency. However, the fabric’s unique qualities can be reduced and compromised if the cloth is laundered inappropriately............ Caring for your Microfiber: Ideally, microfiber should be laundered and dried separately from other fabrics as the lint from cotton and other materials can embed within the fiber slits, reducing it’s unique properties. Microfibers are heat sensitive and their properties can degrade when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, do not iron, and avoid washing or drying them in heats above or 40°C. Air drying is best. The garment can be wrung out to 90% dry and the remaining moisture will evaporate quickly if hung out in a low humidity environment in temperatures above 10°C. Microfiber can either be hand or machine washed in temperatures below 100°F or 40°C. Use a liquid detergent as opposed to powder. Do not use any bleach or other alkali chemicals. Do not use any fabric softener as the oils and self-softening detergents will clog up the fibers and make them less effective until washed out.



Pashmina - Pashminas

Pashminas, are available in plain colours and custom branded:

MiniBullet MiniBullet MiniBullet

Pashmina Pashminas Printed


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