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The, Eco, Biodegradable, Compostable,
Corn, Starch, &, Wood Cellulose, Bags .....

RedBuhave a high barrier to air, grease and bacteria: making them ideal for food packaging.

RedBuare watertight with "air vent" perforation at the bottom

RedBu  feel and sound like regular cellophane

RedBu can be heat sealed

30 mic - 250gr Bags - w76 x h180 x d/gusset 32mm

30 mic - 500gr Bags - w100 x h240 x d/gusset 100mm

30 mic – 1kg Bags - w130 x h350 x d/gusset 80mm

Available in bundles of 500/1000

Best eco friendly branding option - Labels

Eco-friendly, Bags, Coffee, Grain, Coffee-Grain, Bread, Bags,
The perfect Printable Companion Bags. are, brown, Paper, Bags Eco-friendly, Paper, Bags, Biodegradable, Compostable,

Biodegradable Compostable Plastic Shopping Bags

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Eco-friendly, Bags, Biodegradable, Compostable, Plastic, Shopping, Bags

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Eco, friendly, Bags, Approved

Cotton - Hemp - Bags

Wine, Bottle, Bags

Bush, - Safari, - Lodge, - Resort, - Bags

Conference, - Seminar, - Book, - School, -Craft, - Document, - Messenger, - Bags

Drawstring, Bags, - Backpacks, - Rucksacks

Hangover - Survival - Kit

Duffel - Sailor - Barrel - Weekend - Overnight - School - Craft - Sport - Sports - Bags

Fanny - Hip - Belt - Bum - Waist - Bags - Pouches - Packs - Moonbags

Event - Function - Party - Wedding - Gift - Favour - Bags - Pouches - Packs

Sacks - Flour - Grain - Mealie - Maize - Santa - Sack

Pouch - Pouches - Sleeve - Sleeves - Envelope - Pillow -Bags

Dust - Cover - Bags

Marketing - Advertising - Product Launch - Presentation - Promotional - Bags

ShweShwe - Bags

Grocery - Market - Book - Beach - Shopping - Bags

Anti theft - No theft - Safe - Secure - Tote - Bags

Souvenir, Bags - Packs - Pouches

Travel Bags

More Cotton Bags


Eco-friendly, Cotton, Bags, 10oz, Shopper

Eco-friendly, Bags, Cotton, Victorian, Pouch

Eco-friendly, Bags, Cotton, Statement, Slogan, Bags

Eco-friendly, Bags, Cotton, Drawstring, Backpacks

Eco-friendly, Bags, ShweShwe, Bags

natural biodegradable cotton bag bags sack sacks pouch pouches drawstring gift bag bags



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eco friendly hessian jute burlap bag bags pocket pockets pouch pouches sleeve sleeves drawstring tote bag bags sack sacks

Hessian - Jute - Burlap - Bags & Sacks

Wine Bottle Bags

Bush - Safari - Lodge - Resort - Bags

Conference - Seminar - Book - School - Document - Messenger - Bags

Event - Function - Party - Wedding - Gift - Goodie - Packaging - Bags

Sand - Grain - Santa - Sacks

Pouch - Pouches - Sleeve - Sleeves

Marketing - Advertising - Product Launch - Presentation - Promotional - Supporter Kit Bags

Grocery - Shopping - Market - Book - Beach - Bags

School - Craft - Multipurpose - Supporter - Kit - Tote - Drawstring - Bags

Souvenir, Bags - Packs - Pouches

Eco-friendly, Bags, Hessian-Shopping-BagsEco-friendly, Bags, Burlap, Hessian, Jute, Mini, Shopper

Eco-friendly, Bags, Coffee, Bags, Sacks, Burlap, Hessian, Jute

Eco-friendly, Bags, Bottle, Wine, Bags, Sleeves, Burlap, Hessian, Jute

Eco-friendly, Bags, Burlap, Hessian, Jute, Tote, Bags, Hand, Painted


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More Burlap, Hessian, Jute, Sacks



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eco friendly paper bag bags

Bottle - Wine - Gift & Carry Bags

Bush - Safari - Lodge - Resort - Bags

Event - Function - Wedding - Party - Gift - Goodie - Goody - Favour - Bags

Grocery - Shopping - Market - Craft - Bags

Newspaper - Bags

Marketing - Advertising - Product Launch - Presentation - Promotional - Supporter Kit Bags

Shopping - Market - Document - Bags

Conference - Seminar - Document - Bags

Souvenir Bags


Eco-friendly, Bags, Brown, Paper, Shopping, Bags

Eco-friendly, Bags, Paper, Gift, Bags, Leopard, Print

Eco-friendly, Bags, Paper, Goodie, Bags, Printed


Eco-friendly, Bags, Paper, Wedding, Gift, Favour, Bags

More, Paper, Bags Paper, Bags



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Eco-friendly, Bags, Non-Woven, NWPP, Bags, Approved, Eco-friendly

Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene Wine Bottle Bags

Drawstring Bags

Gift Favour Party Bags

Event - Festival Market - Shopper - Shopping - Tote - Bags

Promo - Promotional - Bags

Sacks - Storage - Packaging - Bags

Grain - Feed - Fertilizer - Multipurpose - Bags / Sacks

More Polypropylene Bags Eco-friendly, Bags, Non-Woven, Woven, Propylene, Bags


Eco-friendly, Bags, Non-Woven, Shopping, Shopper, Bags-AMCAM

Eco-friendly, Bags, Non-Woven, Bags, Zipped, Taxi, Tote, Storage, Bags

Eco-friendly, Bags, Non-Woven, Bags, Laminated, Printed, Conference, Promotional, Shopping, Tote, Bags

Eco-friendly, Bags, Non-Woven-Bags, 2, 4, 6, Division, Wine, Bottle, Bags

Eco-friendly, Bags, No-Woven-NWPP, Bags, Recyclable, Bags



Paper Bags: 

Paper bags suggest a concern for the environment, a deliberate avoidance of plastic, good for company image. 

9 out of 10 times, not re-usable, not made as weight bearing bag,

not designed to be weight bearing, any tear or moisture will render  the bags no longer suitable for its intended purpose.

Eco-friendly, biodegradable, provided they have no handle re-inforcement eyelets, and no man-made material handles.

Natural, Biodegradable, Paper, Bag, Bags,

NWPP – Non Woven, the “green” bag:

Made from a petrochemical bi product,


Raw materials are always available

Strong, Durable, Washable,

If taken care of and used for its intended purpose, these bags can be used indefinite.

The bag must be recycled to retain its eco-friendly status

Non Woven, Green, Bag, Bags, Must be recycled

Hessian Bags, Natural, Laminated:

Natural, (unlined) Hessian bag will stretch and loose its shape if it is overloaded.

Smelly when moist

Dusty. Will shed fine (almost impossible) fibre particles onto anything it comes into contact with.

Natural, sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, eco friendly.

Laminated Hessian, strong, durable, wipeable, if used for its intended purpose, these bags can be used indefinite.

Laminated = the bags are bonded with a plastic film, to make it waterproof.

These will not loose their shape and can be used indefinite. "Bag for Life"

Natural Natural, Hessian, Jute, Burlap, Bag, Bags, Sack, Sacks, are, BiodegradableLaminated Laminated, Hessian, Jute, Burlap, Bag, Bags, Sack, Sacks, Recyclable

Cotton Bags:

Cotton is by far the best fabric to use for shopping, tote, multipurpose, carry bags.

Natural, sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, eco-friendly (friendliest) bag option.

Natural, sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, machine washable.

Comes in different fabric weight (thickness)

This is a “Bag for Life”,

Natural, Cotton, Bag, Bags, Sacks, Sack, Biodegradable




Mass (g)

Footprint – (MJ/kg) Material CO2

Footprint, 100 bags, CO2,



Polyethylene (PE)
Common Grocery Plastic Bags






Polyethylene (PE)
Common Grocery Plastic Bags












80-90gsm NonWoven PP



18 - 20.3




150 – 280


24 - 28.3




115 – 330


18 – 22.4


Why more stars for more footprints? Non Woven Hessian Jute Burlap and Cotton bags are classified “bags for life”

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