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Men's Formal Office Corporate Wear

Useful Information

Men's corporate wear can range from classic suits and ties to a more relaxed business casual look, depending on your company's dress code. Here's a guide to help you navigate the different options:

Formal Business Office Wear:

Suit: A well-tailored suit is still the go-to option for formal business occasions, client meetings, or presentations. Classic colors include black, navy, and charcoal gray. Opt for a solid color for the most formal settings. Stripes or subtle patterns are permissible,
but avoid anything loud or trendy.

Dress Shirt: A crisp white or light blue dress shirt is a must-have for formal business attire. Ensure it fits well with a clean collar and well-ironed. For a touch of personality, consider a subtle texture or pattern, but avoid anything too loud.

Ties: A tie, possibly printed with your company Logo or Name, is an essential element of formal business wear. If the tie is not branded, choose a conservative tie in a solid color or a simple pattern that complements your shirt and suit. Avoid loud colors or busy patterns.

Dress Shoes: Well-polished leather dress shoes are a must for formal business wear. Oxfords or derbys in black or brown leather are the most classic options. Loafers are not considered appropriate for formal occasions.

Accessories: Keep accessories minimal and elegant. A dress watch and a pair of cufflinks are perfect for adding a touch of personality without going overboard.

Waistcoats: Add a touch of style and sophistication to your formal office attire. While not as common as a suit and tie, a waistcoat can elevate a simple dress shirt and trousers into a polished, professional ensemble. A Waistcoat can be worn with and without a tie.

Business Casual:

Business casual allows for a more relaxed look while still maintaining professionalism.

Here are some key pieces to create a business casual wardrobe:
Dress Pants: Tailored dress pants in khaki, navy, or gray are a versatile option for business casual attire. Look for flat-front pants for a more modern look.

Collared Shirts: Long-sleeved button-down shirts in a variety of colors and patterns can be dressed up or down for a business casual look. Opt for wrinkle-resistant fabrics for easy care.

Polo Shirts – Golf Shirts : Polo or Golfshirts in neutral colors or subtle stripes can also be appropriate for business casual settings, depending on your company's dress code.

Chinos: Chinos are a more casual alternative to dress pants. Choose chinos in khaki or neutral colors for a business casual look. ♦ Sweaters, Jerseys, Pullovers, Cardigans: Sweaters can add a touch of warmth and style to your business casual outfit. Cardigans or crewneck sweaters in neutral colors are good options.

Dress Shoes or Loafers: Well-maintained leather shoes or loafers are appropriate for business casual wear. Avoid sneakers or athletic shoes.

Invest in a few high-quality suits in classic colors. ♦ Choose versatile separates that can be mixed and matched.

Select wrinkle-resistant fabrics for easy care.
And Fabrics best suited for the climate you are working in.

Pay attention to fit – clothes should be tailored to flatter your body type. ♦
Keep accessories minimal and professional.



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Men's Formal Office Corporate Wear.

Chinos - Trousers - Waistcoats - Ties - Scarves -
Blazers - Shirts - Cardigans - Pullovers - Ties - Bow Ties

Men's Chinos & Shirts.

Chinos & Shirts

More Formal Lounge
Cotton Pit Racing Shirts

Ties for Men - Men's Ties.

Ties for Men - Men's Ties
Custom printed Men's Ties

More Ties

Ties Clip on Ties.

Clip on Ties - Custom colour - Custom Printed

Ties, Ascot Ties, Cravats, Foulards, Custom Printed.

Ascot Ties - Foulards - Cravats

Custom colours - Custom Printed

Bow Ties, Cumberbands, Custom Colour, Custom Printed.

Bow Ties - Cumberbands -

Custom colours - Custom Printed

Bow Ties, Shweshwe.

Shweshwe Bow Ties
Made for you in the print and colour you need !

Men's Waistcoats, Formal.Hand Pointer Down

Men's - Formal -
Standard - and Custom made - Waistcoats

more Waistcoats

Men's Cardigans Pullovers Jerseys Sweaters.

Men's formal Cardigans Pullovers
Acrylic Knit - Standard - and - Custom Knitted


Ladies Formal and Office Wear

Useful Information

Ladies, formal office wear can be a great way to look polished and professional in the workplace. There are many different options to choose from, depending on your personal style and company dress code. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Suits: A classic and timeless option, a well-tailored suit is always a good choice for the office. Choose a neutral color like black, navy, or gray, and pair it with a classic or pussy bow blouse or button-down shirt.

Dress pants and skirts
: Dress pants and skirts are another versatile option for formal office wear. Pair them with a blouse, sweater, or blazer to create a polished look.

Dresses: Dresses can also be a great option for formal office wear, as long as they are not too revealing or casual. Look for dresses that are made from a professional fabric, such as wool or crepe, and that hit at the knee or below.

Blazers: A blazer is a great way to add polish to any outfit. You can wear a blazer over a dress, skirt, or pants. Choose a blazer in a neutral color that complements your other clothing.

Elevate the basics of formal Ladies wear with a colourful or branded scarf or Pashmina or a Ladies Tie.

Cardigans: A cardigan is the perfect addition to be worn under a blazer for extra warmth.

Waistcoats: A ladies formal waistcoat can be a fantastic way to add a touch of sophistication and power to your office attire. While not as common as pantsuits or skirts, a waistcoat can elevate a simple blouse and dress pants or skirt into a polished, professional ensemble.

Here are some additional tips for choosing formal office wear:

Make sure your clothes fit well. Clothes that are too tight or too loose will look unprofessional.

Choose fabrics that are wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for.

Opt for classic styles that will never go out of fashion.

Accessorize with care. Avoid wearing too much jewelry or makeup.

By following these tips, you can choose formal office wear that will help you look and feel your best at work.



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Ladies Formal Wear Office Corporate Wear.

Ladies Pants - Waistcoats - Ties - Scarves - Blazers - Blouses - Cardigans - Pullovers

Ladies Ties.

Ladies - Uniform - Criss Cross Ties

more Ladies Ties

Ladies Formal Wear Office Corporate Wear and Uniforms.

Ladies Formal Office Corporate Wear

Custom made Uniforms - Blouses - Pants - Blazers - Waistcoats - Skirts - Ties

Ladies Formal Pants Stretch

Ladies Formal Corporate Uniform Pants

Standard styles and colours and custom made

Pashminas Plain and Custom Colours Custom Printed

Pashminas Plain Standard Colours
Custom Colours - Custom Printed

more Pashminas

Ladies Scarves.

Ladies Scarves
Plain & Custom Colours
Custom Printed -
Pongee - Satin - Chiffon

more Ladies Scarves

Ladies Cardigans Formal Corporate wear and Uniform Cardigans.

Formal Corporate Wear and Uniform
Ladies Cardigans

Available in standard colours and styles
and custom made.



Uniforms - Medical & Veterinary Scrubs - Workwear -
Chefs Chef's Wear - Chef Chef's Clothing

Restaurant Hotel Hospitality Uniforms

Scrubs - Useful Information

Medical Scrubs ♦ Veterinary Scrubs - Spa Uniforms

♦ Benefits of wearing medical scrubs:

Comfort:Scrubs are designed to be comfortable to wear
for long periods of time.

They are typically loose-fitting and made from a breathable fabric.

Durability:Scrubs are made to withstand frequent washing and drying.

Cleanliness:Scrubs can be easily laundered to help
prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Safety: Medical and Veterinary Scrubs can help to protect healthcare and animal care workers from exposure to bodily fluids and other hazards.

Professionalism: Scrubs can help to create a professional image for Doctors, Nurses, Dentist, Veterinrians, Technicians, Therapists and other Healthcare professionals.

Medical Practice Work wear and Uniforms

Veterinary Practice Work wear and Uniforms

Healthcare Work wear and Uniforms

Scrubs come in a variety of styles, colours and fabrics.

The fabric of medical scrubs needs to balance several key qualities for healthcare professionals: comfort, durability, functionality, and ease of cleaning. Here's a breakdown of the most common fabrics used in medical scrubs:

Cotton-Polyester (Polycotton): This is the most popular choice for medical scrubs, offering a good balance of comfort and functionality.

Cotton: Provides breathability and softness, important for long shifts.

Polyester: Offers durability, wrinkle resistance, and moisture-wicking properties for easy care.

Common blends include 55/45 (cotton/polyester) or 65/35. Higher cotton content provides better comfort, while higher polyester content makes them more durable and wrinkle-resistant.

Spandex: A small percentage of spandex (often blended with cotton-polyester) can add a touch of stretch and comfort for a more flexible fit.

Rayon and Viscose  natural fibers that offer a soft, silky feel and good breathability. The most comfortable of the lot for hot work environments. Rayon and Viscose Scrubs, unlike the above mentioned fabrics, do require ironing.

Choosing the Right Fabric for You:
Here are some factors to consider when choosing a medical scrubs fabric:

Climate: If you work in a warm environment, prioritize breathability with a higher cotton content. In cooler settings, a polycotton blend might be sufficient.

Work environment: If your job involves a lot of movement or bending, a fabric with some stretch (like a cotton-polyester-spandex blend) might be more comfortable.

Personal preference: Consider how important comfort and breathability are to you versus wrinkle resistance and ease of care.

Antimicrobial fabrics: antimicrobial properties to help prevent the growth of bacteria.

While you find many Scrub suppliers, very view offer Antimicrobial Fabric Scrubs.

We do not stock Anitmicrobial Fabric Scrubs,
but will gladly make whatever you need for you.

Chef's Chef Wear - Chef Chef's Clothing
Chef Chef's wear, also known as Chef or Chef's clothing, is a type of uniform worn by professional chefs and cooks. It typically consists of several key pieces:

Chef's jacket: A double-breasted jacket with long sleeves, typically made from breathable, heat-resistant fabric like cotton or a cotton blend. It usually has buttons down the front, a notched lapel collar, and breast pockets for thermometers or pens.

Chef's pants: Long pants made from a durable, easy-to-clean fabric like cotton twill or polyester. They often have an elastic waistband or drawstring closure for a comfortable fit, and may have reinforced knees for added durability.

Chef Chef's Aprons: A large piece of fabric worn over the front of the body to protect clothes from spills and splatters. Aprons can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, canvas, or denim. They may have pockets for tools or utensils. ♦ Chef Chef's Headwear: Hats or caps are worn to keep hair out of the food and to prevent sweat from dripping. Common options include skullcaps, bandanas, and baker's caps.

Restaurant Hotel Hospitality Uniforms:

Valets, Concierges, Door Staff: These uniforms tend to be the most formal, often consisting of suits or tuxedos with ties or bowties.

Spa Staff : Spa Staff uniforms should be comfortable, hygienic, and promote relaxation. They often consist of scrubs, tunics, or wrap dresses. The specific uniform will vary depending on the type of establishment, its brand identity, and local regulations. Some hospitality workplaces may also allow for some variation in uniform choices, such as allowing staff to choose between skirts or slacks.

Professionalism: They should project a clean, polished image that reflects well on the establishment. ♦ Durability: Hospitality environments can be tough on clothes, so uniforms need to be made from strong, long-lasting fabrics.

Comfort: Staff will be on their feet for long hours, so uniforms should be comfortable to wear throughout a shift.

Functionality: Uniforms should allow staff to move around freely and perform their duties efficiently.

Restaurants: Front-of-House Staff (servers, hosts, bussers, waiters, waitresses, bartenders): These uniforms tend to be more formal, often consisting of slacks, skirts, or dresses paired with collared shirts or blouses.

Back-of-House Staff (cooks, dishwashers): Durability and functionality are key here. Typical uniforms include chef coats, pants, aprons, and non-slip shoes.

Hotels – Hotel and Housekeeping Uniforms Front Desk Staff: These uniforms tend to be similar to business attire, with slacks, skirts, or dresses paired with collared shirts, blouses, or sweaters. Ties are sometimes worn for a more formal touch.

Housekeeping Staff: Comfort and ease of movement are paramount for housekeepers. Uniforms typically consist of slacks or skirts paired with polo shirts or tunics.




Medical Scrubs - Veterinary Scrubs - Uniforms.

Medical Scrubs - Veterinary Scrubs

Chef Chef's Wear Clothing.

Chef Chef's Wear Clothing
can be as plain or as colourful as you want them to be.

Hospitality Uniforms.

Hospitality, Restaurant, Hotel, Bar, Housekeeping, Spa, Uniforms.

Elevate an otherwise plain Uniform
with ShweShwe trimmings

We can help you find the SchweShwe
colours and patterns typical for your region.


Workwear for all Professions

Contruction & Artisans & Other Professions

Workwear, work clothing: is clothing designed for specific jobs or industries. It prioritizes durability, functionality, and safety for the wearer.
Here's a breakdown of common types of workwear:
Conti suits, Overalls and 2 piece Conti suits, Jackets, Hats and Caps, High-visibility vests, and other work Garments with reflective Tape: Reflective Tape and or Neon coloured Clothing or Uniforms ensure high visibility and are Essential for workers who work near traffic or heavy machinery.

Work Wear Work Clothing for: Farmers, Farmhands, Game Rangers Uniforms, Game Lodge and Game Resort Staff Uniforms, Park Rangers, Farm and Wildlife Vets Veterianrians, Forestry Technicians, Wildlife Bioligists, Environmental Scientists, Outdoor Guides, Wildeness Therapy Guides, Whitewater Rafting Guide, Adventure Tour Guides, Mountain Guide, Search and Rescue Staff, Team Builder Course Leaders and support Staff, Outdoor Tour Guides, Expeditions Leaders and support staff, Factory Workers, Ground Staff, Crafters, etc.,
They all work in tough environments
and often extreme wheather conditions.

Their work wear or work clothing and or uniforms need to reflect that.

We make and stock workwear for anyone needing workwear work clothing and or Uniforms,
no matter what the profession.

Bemoci offers an extensive range of workwear and clothing items for a variety of professions. Whether you work in trades, leisure, hospitality, corporate or retail, our quality custom workwear will get your company instantly recognised.

Our cusotmized, personalized, branded workwear is, will be, designed to make your colleagues all feel part of a team, and are instantly recognized and connected to your brand and Company.



Workwear, Work Clothing Artisans Construction

Workwear •Work Clothing •Uniforms for:
•Artisans •Construction workers
•Ground Staff
•Factory Workers
•Outdoor Professions

Cotton •Cotton Twill •Denim
•Conti Suits •Overalls •Jackets
•High Viz - High visibility
Reflective Wear Clothing

Sleeveless Cotton Utility Jackets Artisans Handyman JacketsHand Pointer Down
Sleeveless - Cotton - Utility - Jackets - Standard - Style and Colours & Custom Colours

This is every Artisan's and Handyman's must have Jacket. The many Pockets make it possible to have tools and other paraphanelia you may need - with you - where ever you go!


Workwear Work Clothing all Professions.

Workwear •Artisans •Construction
•Ground Staff
•Factory •Workshops
Cotton •Cotton Twill •Denim
•Work Trousers Pants •Work Jackets
•Conti Suits •Overalls
•High Viz - High visibility Reflective
Workwear Work clothing
•Uniforms •T Shirts •Golf Shirts

Sleeveless Cotton Utility Jackets Artisans Handyman Jackets

Sleeveless Utility Jackets
•Standard Styles and Colours
Custom Desigened in Custom Colours

This is every Artisan's, Professional and Amateur Handyman's, Crafters, Hobbyst, Jack of all Trades, must have Jacket.

The many Pockets make it possible to have tools and other paraphanelia you may need to have access to at any given moment with you where ever you are or go!

Suitable for Printing and or Embroidery

More sleeveless Jacket options •Bodywarmers


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