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What is Polypropylene ?

Non woven - Green Bags

NWPP, NonWoven, Non woven, Polypropylene, Bag, Bags, eco-friendly, recyclable

Please click on the image on the right for detailed Product information!

NWPP - MUST - be recycled (not trashed) to retain it's eco-friendly status!

We will gladly include relevant information into your print design !

NWPP, NonWoven, Non woven, Polypropylene, Eco, eco-friendly, status

NWPP, NonWoven, Non woven, Polypropylene, Fabric, Information


WPP - Woven Polypropylene Shopping Bags - Conference Bags - Tote Bags - Promo/Promotional Bags - Sand Bags - Grain Bags - Sugar Bags - Maize Bags - Multi purpose Bags - Utility Bags - Bag Stitching Machine (handheld)

mNew and Used Bulk Bags

Eco friendly - Non woven Polypropylene bags are strong|versatile|reusable machine washable bags and are available in many shapes, sizes and colours!

Ideal for screen printing and priced right to be used for promotions!

In use worldwide. Commonly known as "green bags".

Non woven and Woven Polypropylene is classified Eco friendly Green-Bags-Polypropylene-Bags because it is a petrol chemical biproduct

& when discarded becomes non toxic waste. Bemoci Classified semi eco friendly semi eco friendly because it is not biodegradable!


NWPP -Non Woven - Polypropylene - Bags


Non Woven| Nonwoven| NWPP| Polypropylene| Recyclable

Non woven Polypropylene

Green Bag - Promotional Bags

Conference Bags

Shopping Bags

NWPP, Non woven, NonWoven, Polypropylene, Green Bags, Eco, Eco-friendly, Recyclable,
Green Bags - non woven - Promotional Bags - Shopping Bags - NWPP Non woven Polypropylene Bags
NWPP, NonWoven, Non woven, Polyproylene, Shopping, Bags, Bag

Non woven - Promotional Bags - Tote Bags

Non woven Polypropylene Bags

NWPP, NonWoven, Non woven, Polypropylene, Promo, Promotional, Gift, Bag, Bags, Eco-friendly, Recyclable

NWPP Non Woven Polypropylene

NewsPaper Bags

NWPP, NonWoven, Non Woven, News Paper, Bag, Bags, Polypropylene, Eco-friendly, Recyclable

Non woven Tote Bags with PunchHole Handles

Promotional Bags

Hand out Bags

NWPP Non Woven Polypropylene

NWPP, Non woven, NonWoven, Tote, Document, Bag, Bags, Polypropylene, eco-friendly, recyclable, Phole

Non woven Backpacks - Non Woven Drawstring Bags Promotional -Bags

NWPP Non woven Polypropylene

NWPP, NonWoven, Non woven, Drawstring, Bag, Bags, Backpack, Backpacks, Day, Pack, Packs, eco-friendly, recyclable
Drawstring, Backpack, Backpacks, NWPP, NonWoven, Non woven, eco-friendly, recyclable

NWPP Non woven Polypropylene

2-4-6 Bottles

Non woven Bottle - Wine Bottle - Carry Bags

Minimum order Qnty = 500


NWPP Non woven Polypropylene Zipped Bags Taxi Bags - Storage Bags

Minimum order Qnty = 500

Laminated NWPP Non woven Polypropylene Shopping - Promotional Bags

NWPP Non woven Polypropylene

Fold up bags

Minimum order Qnty = 500

Fold-up-Bags-Polypropylene-Nonwoven-Non woven-eco-friendly-recyclable

NWPP Non woven Polypropylene

Cooler Bags - Promotional Cooler Bags

Cooler-Bag-Bags-NWPP-NonWoven-Non woven-Polypropylene-eco-friendly-recyclable

NWPP Non woven Polypropylene

Dust Cover - Suit Cover

Non woven - Polypropylene - Green Bags - Conference Bags, Document Bags, Promotional Bags, Shopping Bags NWPP - Non woven Polypropylene Bags made to your specifications Minimum order qnty 500
Green-Bags-NWPP-NonWoven-Non woven-Polypropylene-Bags-eco-friendly-recyclable

Non woven - Polypropylene - Halloween - Tote - Decor - Gift - Favour - Goodie - Loot - Bags

Let us print them as illustrated with your details or submit your design - paint and embellish them yourself

Halloween Tote Decor Gift Favour Goodie Loot Bags - Non Woven - Recyclable
More Halloween Bags - Cotton - Hessian Jute Burlap - Paper
Halloween Tote Drawstring Gift Favour Goodie Loot Bags - Eco friendly - Biodegradable - CottonHessian Jute Burlap - Halloween Drawstring Decor Gift Favour Goodie Loot BagsHalloween Tote Decor Gift Favour Goodie Loot Bags - Paper


Clear Polypropylene - Cellophane - Polyethelene - Bags arrow down

Clear Polypropylene - Cellophane - Polyethelene Bags

Gusseted 125gr - 2.5kg


Clear Self seal

Polypropylene - Polyethelene

- Cellophane - Bags


Flat selfseal Bags are perfect for packaging, displaying, protecting or presentingTextiles, Documents, Magazines, Jewellery, etc.

Gusseted bags are great Gift bags and are perfect for packaging Candy, Cookies, Nuts, Spices, Herbs, Tea, etc.

70micron Polypropylene Autoclave Bags - Mushroom growing bags - Spawn Bags with breathing filter.
Autoclave Bags_Mushroom_growing_Bags_Spawn_Bags_70micron Polypropylene


NWPP -Non Woven Polypropylene arrow down

17-30gsm UV treated NWPP - Non woven polypropylene

Crop cover - Crop protection - Frost Cover - Frost Protection - Plant cover - Plant Protection

Crop-Cover-Crop-Protection-NWPP-NonWoven-Non woven-Polypropylene


WPP - Woven polypropylene - Shopping-Tote-Promotional Bags Grain - Compost - Sand - Sugar - Feed Bags

arrow down

WPP-Woven Polypropylene - Un/Laminated

Shopping Bags

Promo-Promotional Bags - Tote Bags


WPP-Woven Polypropylene

Promotional - Utility Bags


WPP-Woven Polypropylene

"China"Bags - Zipped - Storage Bags - "Taxi"Bags



WPP-Woven Polypropylene - Un/Laminated Multipurpose Bags Compost - Grain - Feed Sand - Garden refuse - Rubble Bags
WPP-Woven Polypropylene - handheld Bag Stitching Machine


arrow down

Bulk Bags - Woven Polypropylene - Bulk Bags - Used Bulk Bags
WPP-Woven Polypropylene Bulk Bags - 4 point centre lift 1000-2000kg WPP-BulkBags-4Point-Centre-Lift-WovenPolypropylene WPP-Woven Polypropylene Bulk Bags Cross corner lift - 1000-2000kg BulkBags-WPP-WovenPolypropylene-XCorner-Lift

WPP-Woven Polypropylene Bulk Bags - 4 point Duffel top - 1000-2000kg

WPP-Woven Polypropylene Bulk Bags - Top openings

WPP-Woven Polypropylene Bulk Bags - Bottom openings

Cargo Slings - Lifting Slings

Bulk Bags

WPP-Woven Polypropylene - Used Bulk Bags - Specs and availability on application


We often have stock of used Sugar Bulk Bags - 1ton - 1m3 - used ONCE only!





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Newspaper Bag - Newspaper Bags - Non woven Newspaper Bag - Non woven Newspaper Bags

Zipped Bag - Zipped Bags

Taxi Bag - Taxi Bags

Storage Bag - Storage Bags - Non woven Storage Bag - Non woven Storage Bags

Suit Cover - Suit Covers - Non woven Suit cover - Non woven Suit cover

Woven Polypropylene

Sand Bag - Sand Bags

Grain Bag - Grain Bags

Multi purpose Bag - Multi purpose Bags

Utility Bag - Utility Bags

Bulk Bag - Bulk Bags

Stitching Machine

Eco friendly - Printing

Clear Polypropylene Bags - Cellophane Bags clear - Polyethelene bags clear

Clear Self seal bags - Polypropylene - Cellophane - Polyethelene

Autoclave Bag - Autoclave Bags - Mushroom bag - Mushroom bags - Mushroom growing bag - Mushroom growing bags - Spawn bag - Spawn bags - Autoclave Polypropylene bag - Autoclave Polypropylene bags

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