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Healing Stones Gift Bags - Healing Stones Gift Packs

Waterstones Gift Bags - Watersones Gift Packs

Gemstones Gift Bags - Gemstones Gift Packs

Chakra Balancing Gift Bags - Chakra Balancing Gift Packs

Souvenir, Gift, Favour, Packs

Event, Function, Special Occasion, Wedding, Party, Gift, Favour, Souvenir, Bags, Packs.

Bags, Packs, for, Events, Functions, Special Occasions, Weddings, Parties, Souvenirs.




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Healing Stones - 7 Chakra Balancing Stones - Energizing - Purifying - Waterstones - Gemstones


Aids - Cancer - Awareness - Productscaps, hats, beanies, bandanas, buff.olo, pashminas, aprons, bush, safari, headwearHealing, Energizing, Balancing, Stones, Gemstones, Waterstones

Healing Stones - Water Stones - Purifying and Energizing Stones

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Enjoy Crystal clear - Energized Drinking and Cooking Water

Balancing - 7 Chakras - Healing Stones

Healing Stones Healing, Stones, Gift from, Mother Nature a gift from Mother Natures

The ancient method of adding gemstones to drinking and cooking water (gemstones attract impurities) promote balance, wellbeing and aid healing, is currently being revived and regaining popularity amongst those in the know!

Place the carefully selected

african gemstones

and added quartz (to improve taste and quality of water) in a GLASS jug, fill it with ordinary tap water.....leave for 5minutes before

enjoying crystal clear, Purifying, Energizing, Waterstones, Crystal clear, Energized, Waterenergized water for drinking and cooking !


Clear Quartz is an excellent energizer and all round healing stone! Hence adding a few extra stones is recommended !

Clean Stones in lukewarm soapy water (when necessary) !

A standard Healing - Water - Stone - Pack consists of the 7 Balancing Stones - Packaged in a Gift Drawstring Bag

Get it for yourself or as a gift for someone! The packs make unique - Event - Function - Party - Wedding - Gifts and Favours

Every Gift Bag includes a scroll explaining the 7 Chakras 7 Chakras

Healing, Stones, Gift, Bags7 Chakras, Balancing, Stones, Gemstones

Specific - Healing Packs - Gift Packs - are made up on request !

There is a healing stone for just about any ailment !


Contact us for special - Healing Stone Packs - Gift Packs - They are not medication.....but sure have the ability to add value to anyone's Life and imprve overall Health !


 OPEN Panel to view Information and the 7CHAKRA BALANCING - HEALING - WATER STONES which are also the Stones which make up a standard - Gift Pack



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