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Bracelets - Neckstrap LightSticks - Concert Sticks - Mouth pieces - EyeGlasses-Drinking Straws - Mouthpieces - Hairbands AliceBand SafeFlame Candles

Glow in the Dark Bracelets

red, blue, yellow, green, orange and pink - or mixes colours - Tube of 50


Glow in the Dark Light Sticks with Neckstraps

10 and 15cm Long

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Glow in the Dark - 25cm hand held (no Neckstrap) Concert Light Sticks

Blue, Red, Yellow, Green + Pkts of 25 assorted colours


Glow in the Dark EyeGlasses - Eye Glasses -

You need Bracelet light Light Sticks to assemble the Glasses



Glow in the dark - HairBands - AliceBands - You need Bracelet Sticks to assemble the Ears of HairBands

Actual product may have Ears Only


Glow in the dark Drinking Straws

Assorted colours - Tubes of 25



Glow in the Dark - Mouth Pieces

Pkts of 12/24 include the relevant Glow Stick


Glow in the Dark - Drinking Cups 340ml

Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.


Glow in the Dark ShotGlasses -

42ml - Blue, Yellow, Green and Red


Safe Flame Candels - Battery operated

safe flame candles


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