Safe Flame Candle | Safe flame candles | customized | customisable  | Safe Flame Candles for children  Event Events Festival Festivals Party Venue Venues Parties Christmas Xmas Indoor  Outdoor  Table Décor Decorations Decoration  Weddings  Wedding Venue Venues Carols by Candlelight  Markets Market School Schools Craft Projects Project Special Occasions Occasions Function Functions Halloween Valentine’s Valentine Day Diwali Rustic Romantic Elegant Décor Decorations  Decoration | Handheld Candles | Safe Flame Candles with or without a Neckstrap | Hanging Candle | Hanging Candles | Hang them anywhere you want them to hang | They are light enough to stay in position on thin branches if you want to hang them onto bushes | Think of the Safe Flame Candle as fairy light fairy lights without the restriction of number of bulbs and length.
Flickering flameless warm white Candles - On/Off switch for easy & convenient operation - The electronic battery operated tea lightcandles  come with batteries which have 100+ hours of light-time and can be replaced easily via the tab at the bottom - Safe Battery: CR2032 button cell
The cores are available in white and primary colours  Add a custom printed (print your own) Paper Banner, Pretty Ribbon, Bow and Neck strap to make the Safe Flame Candles your very own commemorating a party or special occasion. They can easily be converted to suit another party or occasion. The hollow core makes switching the candle on and off easy. The cores are 10cm long/high which makes them easy to hold for Children and adults and will not stand too tall if used as Table Decoration. They are too light to line a path or driveway but can easily be hung onto any foliage - flowers - string - or trees lining the Path or Driveway.
We will cover the cores with fabric of your choice and add whatever it is you want us to add - Custom printed Ribbons and Bows - Neckstraps - Printed Banners, Gold - Silver - Printed - Fabric - ShweShwe - Hessian - Jute - Burlap - Lace - Flowers - Tags - Bling - and whatever else you want us to add. We can make the candles as elaborate or simple as you want them to be! - Battery operated Candles Candle - Candle Candles with Batteries - Battery Tealight Candles Candle - Tealight Candles with Batteries

Glow in the Dark ........



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Bracelets - Light Sticks - Concert Sticks - Drinking Straws - Necklaces - 340ml Cups - Shot Glasses - Candle Bags - Lanterns

Glow in the Dark Bracelets - 8" - 20cm - 5mm diameter

red, blue, yellow, green, orange and pink - or mixes colours - Tube of 50


Glow in the Dark Light Sticks with Neckstraps


10 and 15cm Long

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


22" - 55cm - 6mm diameter

Glow in the Dark Necklaces

assorted colour - Tube of 50

Glow in the Dark, Glow,  Necklace, Necklaces

Glow in the Dark - 10"

25cm hand held (no Neckstrap) Concert Light Sticks

Blue, Red, Yellow, Green + Pkts of 25 assorted colours


Glow in the dark - Light up

340ml Cups

Glow in the Dark, Light up, Cups, 340ml

Glow in the Dark ShotGlasses -

42ml - Blue, Yellow, Green and Red


Glow in the dark Drinking Straws

Assorted colours - Tubes of 25

Glow in the Dark, Glow, Drinking, Straws

Glow in the Dark Stars - 35 and 55mm

Glow in the Dark, Glow, Stars

Glow in the Dark

Hair Band - Alice Bands

Assorted colours

Glow in the Dark, Glow, Hair Bands, Alice Bands

Glow in the Dark

Eye Glasses

Glow in the Dark, Glow, Eye, Glasses

Glow in the Dark - Mouth pieces

assorted colours

6" Glowstick and 5 Bracelets

Value Pack

Glow in the Dark, Glow, Stick, Bracelets, Party, Value, Pack

Glows under UV Light Hairspray

Silver and Gold Glitter Spray


UV Hair (very strong) and Body Gel


UV, Body, Hair, Gel

Glow in the Dark Stars - 35 and 55mm

Safe Flame Candles & Candle Bags and Lanterns

Safe Flame, Flameless, Candles, CandleCandle, Bags, Lanterns, Luminaries