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You will find eco friendly Gift Bags - Boxes - Drawstring Bags - Pouches - Gift Packaging on all listed pages:Craft Bags | Craft Boxes | Eco friendly Bags and Boxes

Craft Bags are Bags one can embellish with mixed Crafts - such as: handpainting, hand embroidery, applique / decoupage images, stitching or glueing on buttons, ribbons, flowers, lace, etc. If you need advice regarding what can be done with which bag, please call us, one of our experienced Crafter / Artist will be able to give you the advice you need!
BlBu Bottle Bags - Boxes - Wine - Bags - Boxes - Cotton - Hessian - Jute - Burlap - Paper BlBu
BlBu Hessian - Jute - Burlap - Decor Gift Favour Bags - Cutlery Bags Pockets Sleeves BlBu
BlBu Cotton - Decor Gift Favour Party Bags - Cutlery Bags Pocket Sleeves BlBu
BlBu Paper Bags - Decor Gift Favour Party Bags - Tote Bags BlBu
BlBu Paper Bags - Craft Bags BlBu
BlBu Party Bags - Decor Gift Favour Bags - Craft Bags BlBu
BlBu Non Woven - Polypropylene - Tote - Drawstring - Shopper - Shopping Bags BlBu
BlBu Santa Bags - Santa Sacks BlBu

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