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Cotton-Decor-Rustic-Decor Gifts + Favours



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Made in South Africa Made in South Africa

Eco friendlyEco friendly100% biodegradableEco friendly

Cotton Decor - Gifts and Favours

Let us make your vision Reality!

From Decor - Gifts to Favours we do it all!

Your green / eco friendly Event, Wedding or Party deserves the best!

Add Lace - Beads - Flowers - Feathers - Printing - Embroidery or Bling to suit your theme


Cotton Decor Gifts and Favours
Cotton and Lace Decor Gifts and Favours

Cutlery Pockets - Cutlery Bags - Cutlery Sleeves :

These can be used as Decor Gifts and Favours.

Made to suit your requirements.


Cutlery Pockets Cutlery Bags Cutlery Sleeves | Cotton
Cotton Cutlery Pocket Pockets Bag Bags Sleeve Sleeves | Cotton

Cotton Bottle Bags - Cotton Wine Bottle Bags

Decorate them to suit your theme and use them as part of your Table Decoration.

For more Bottle Bags

Cotton Bottle Bags Wine Bottle Bags Gift Bags Favour Bags

Cotton Drawstring Bags - Shwe Shwe Drawstring Bags

Miniature Cotton Tote Bags

Wedding Gift Bags - Wedding Favour Bags

Event Gift Bags - Event Favour Bags

Party Gift Bags - Party Favour Bags

For more Cotton Gift and Favour Bags

Cotton Drawstring Bags Gift Bags Favour Bags
ShwShwe Drawstring Bags Gift Bags Favour Bags
Cotton Tote Bags Gift Bags Favour Bags

Cotton Tote Bags - Cotton Statement Bags

Cotton Gift Bags

Give your helpers a useful Eco friendly Biodegradable Reusable Washable Lasting Gift!

Cotton Tote Bag Bags Gift Bag Bags Favour Bag Bags
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